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Reylta shares bilingual single ‘Lucifer’s Love’

March 20, 2023

Rising folk singer-songwriter Reylta released her bewitching new single ‘Lucifer’s Love’ , or ‘Leannán an Diabhail’ , in both English and Gaeilge last Friday, 17th March, 2023 . Although not a native Gaeilge speaker, Reylta (a stylised spelling of the Irish word for star, réalta) possesses a deep connection to Ireland’s native language and culture. Reylta worked on her Irish in order to bring the song to fruition.

‘Lucifer’s Love’ is a modern take on the Irish tradition of storytelling, following the mythical tale of doomed love between the devil and a mortal who is condemned to hell for their passion. Sweet and lamenting, the devil confesses his unwavering commitment for his partner through soft metaphors, transposed prayers, and a promise to freeze hell to protect them for eternity.

Reylta says of the song: “‘Lucifer’s Love’ tells the unusual story of the intimate relationship between good and evil. When there is love and light in us, life becomes brighter. Be merciful, forgive your past, and work with it to attract a better future.”

Originally from Galway, Reylta is currently based in Dublin, having recently graduated from BIMM. The Irish music industry is already taking notice of her talent, with Reylta being featured in the Three’s City Stages initiative and tipped as one of Radio Nova’s New Local Hero finalists.

Her music is steeped in Irish traditions and heritage, combining poetic lyrics, luscious string arrangements, and rich choral harmonies to create a sound both familiar and wholly her own.

Reylta began writing music at just eleven, with musical influences including Florence and the Machine, Damien Rice, and Hozier. She’s played with an eight-piece band since 2017, and they are an essential component of her work. Reylta composes pieces, and each player brings their unique style, creating an unmatched synergy. The band size varies, with each member influencing the tone and emulating trad performers with a classic, melancholic folk-pop vibe.

Pre-pandemic, Reylta enjoyed two sold-out shows in Whelan’s, Dublin , and she has played to audiences across Ireland, the UK and the Netherlands. She won the Eimear Noonan Bursary prize in 2021 In 2022, the emerging folk artist produced three highly successful shows and featured at Bloom Festival, the historic Ballyglunin Train Station, and The Irish Museum of Modern Art.

Reylta previously shared the single ‘Fools Games’ in 2019, the music video to ‘Semi Detached to The Flats’ in Feb 2021, and ‘October’ on Halloween 2022. She recorded her debut album in Donegal in May 2022, with release planned for later this year.


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