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Restless Rover to Release Debut Single ‘Restless Rover’

July 14, 2022

‘Under This Roof’ is the debut single from RESTLESS ROVER , an Irish/American folk duo consisting of Ste Kelly (Dublin) and Melanie Medina (San Diego)

‘Under This Roof’ is accompanied by a fly on the wall music video documenting a day in the life of the band. The song and video were filmed and recorded in the same day, this endeavour dovetails with the sentiment of the lyrics which implore the listener to live in the moment and enjoy the little moments of peaceful euphoria that life can provide.

‘Under This Roof’ will be released via Maybe Vagrant Records on July 15th and will be available on all streaming platforms.


Imagine the dusk of a summers evening, walking on the beach, spontaneously following the sounds of guitars, tambourines, group vocals, until you find people lost in the shared communion of songwriting, singing songs together in unison and harmony ..

Restless Rover was born in a similar moment on the coastline beaches of Malaga, Spain, a chance encounter between songwriters Melanie Medina and Ste Kelly blossomed into a collection of songs, recorded in a matter of days and defined by their unpretentious production with folky, stripped back delivery using acoustic instruments, harmonies and  stomping percussion. Songs to be sung around the campfire, at house parties or anywhere on the map , the world is Restless Rovers stage.

Melanie Medina is a singer songwriter producer from San Diego, California and performs and releases music under the name MELJII.

Ste Kelly is a vocalist and songwriter from Dublin, Ireland, he is founder of Irish band Raglans and releases solo music through his label

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