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Paul Callan announces new album Over My Wishes via Gare du Norde records

April 24, 2023

Paul Callan operates from his one roomed cabin in the woods of Ireland’s North East coast.
Only the crows, foxes and his dogs are privy to the sounds emanating from this place, as Paul writes and records his music.

His new album Over My Wishes comes on the back of a busy few years of music making, including releasing one song every month during lockdown, plus an album and two EPs in 2022.

Callan’s work draws on influences from Neil Young’s Harvest to Deerhoof and The Lemon Twigs. Melody, crafted guitar led energy, ambient interludes and a poised fragility make up the backbone of this new record.

This new album is officially released on Gare du Norde records May 26th.

The album is preceded by the songs

Broken Birds:

About Today:

Takes Too Long:

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