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Paddy Mulcahy Announces EP Release and Shares First Single

June 25, 2021

Limerick based producer and composer Paddy Mulcahy is delighted to announce that his new EP ‘Tidal Oscillations’ will be released in partnership with XXIM Records at Sony Masterworks, as the first instalment in their new XXIM:EXPO series 1. The EP will be available on 16/07/21.

For XXIM:EXPO, the label will invite young artists from across the whole spectrum of
progressive instrumental music to curate and release an EP, sharing their unique vision with
as wide an international audience as possible.

Supporting young artists in their musical experimentation has been part of XXIM’s mission statement from day one, with this new project, we want to invite artists in, help them to present themselves to a wider audience, and map out all the interesting and exciting developments in post-genre instrumental music.Alex Buhr – XXIM Label Head

The first cut from the forthcoming EP is ‘A Dream, A Sequence’, an entrancing track fueled by a simple six-note piano motif. The song first came to Paddy in a dream, which he later re-imagined and explored using synthesizers. As the track comes to a close, it slowly resolves to silence, as the listener is awoken from its trance.

‘Tidal Oscillations’ finds Mulcahy delving deep into the art of new-wave ambient electronica, on his new EP, his first full release since 2019’s much lauded ‘How To Disappear’ album. ‘Tidal Oscillations’ examines the themes of consciousness, anxiety and exploration. The 4-track project takes the listener on a journey through Mulcahy’s electronic re-awakening.

All music written, recorded and produced by Paddy Mulcahy.


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