“Open Mic Dublin – The Movie” to be Screened at US Festival

July 1, 2020

Jailbreak Film Productions are delighted to announce another festival selection for “Open Mic Dublin – The Movie”. This independent documentary will be screened at the YoFi MicroFest Irish Cinema Showcase 2020 in Yonkers New York, July 18th and 19th.

This documentary is the result of a two-year comprehensive examination of the artists, hosts and the originator of the open mic scene in Dublin. The stories are great, the talent astounding and the origins from 25 years ago is a surprise and delight. The film is awash with revealing interviews and superb music and poetry, captured live. You will hear the stories of the dynamic hosts who’s dedication provides a weekly platform to a multitude of burgeoning talent. From the 20+ artists featured you will get a deep insight into their motivations, varied experiences and sample their beautiful art. 

Films like this help cement the love of Irish culture in America and since the film contains all contemporary artists performing all new music and poetry it also up-dates the understanding of that culture. Art in Ireland is a constantly evolving thing and is something that we should never stop shouting about.  This will be the third US film festival for “Open Mic Dublin – The Movie” showing the talent and beautiful art of Ireland’s musicians and poets, and indeed some non-native artists who have immersed themselves in the scene since moving here.

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