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Onemac Project release haunting new single ‘Do You Remember My Name?’

March 1, 2023

ONEMAC PROJECT today announce the release of their new single, “Do You Remember My Name?”, a beautiful, haunting song tinged with darkness. The song is a taster from their “The Hermit Speaks” album due for release in September.

Most of us can relate to the opening verse as it goes straight to the point;

I should have been sleeping

But still, I lie wide awake

A sad silent shadow 

Slowly drifting by

Alone I looked for the answer

In the dark, it felt safe to cry”  

Few go through life without being touched by the joys and/or the pain associated with relationships. The song deals with how even the happiest relationship can wither and die with the passage of time.

We were younger and foolish

We carved our names on a tree

I fell in love 

As you carved your name in my heart 

You were like Juliet calling my name 

But that was our yesterday

Do you even remember my name?

Written by MacMahon and O’Connor, ‘Do You Remember My Name? ’ is a chilled song with dark undertones yet it is strangely beautiful, outlining as it does how some people find breakups difficult to cope with, and end up in a very dark place as illustrated in the chorus.

By a thousand cuts

With a thousand knives

Turned and twisted each one 

Until every last breath was drawn

The lush lead vocals are by O’Connor with MacMahon providing a fragile, vulnerable backing vocal perfectly in tune with the sentiments of the song. The sumptuous guitars of O’Connor, the warm double bass of Daniel Ori, and the exquisite orchestration by Andi Aria, make for compelling listening. Despite the darkness, somehow the song leaves a nice warm feeling.

This is just a taster from the duo’s debut album, “The Hermit Speaks ”, which is due for release in September.


The OMP duo of James O’Connor and Michael MacMahon has been having a busy twelve months with some significant releases to their credit including “Irish For a Day”, which was heard booming out in Irish Bars across New York on St. Patrick’s Day, just days after the release in 2022. In addition to Irish bars, the song is still spreading among the Irish American community and is gaining in popularity as can be seen by the number of Spotify streams. Flying under the radar, OMP has about 2,000 Spotify monthly listeners and approaching 300,000 Spotify streams plus over 1,100 YouTube subscribers.

O’Connor has four albums to his name, two singer/songwriter solo albums and two as the lead voice of The Lost Messiahs , who performed at this year’s Electric Picnic. MacMahon prefers to work in the background writing and producing and has several current and past collaborations with artists in the USA, Sweden, Germany and Australia.

“Do You Remember My Name?” is available to download or stream on all platforms now.

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