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Nylophone returns with the synth led single ‘So Cool’

April 13, 2023

It’s been over a year since Wicklow musician Nylophone’s last release.

The 2022 singles Let’s Go Driving and Summer Feeling drew comparisons to indie-pop stalwarts such as Elliot Smith, Alvvays and Ariel Pink, however for his latest release, So Cool, Nylophone’s opted for a less organic sound, using more synths and arpeggiators.

The song opens with a driving electronic bass line that chugs away while chords and melodies change around it. It’s very in keeping with the song’s theme, in that So Cool tells the story of someone who doesn’t let life’s complications get through to them, and puts on a brave face despite whatever changes happen around them, as her explains:

“Sometimes in life, however, it’s healthier to lose your cool and make a change rather than just taking things in your stride. Sometimes it’s better to freak out and run for the nearest lifeboat rather than rolling with the punches (or waves in this case!)”.

“When the iceberg hits and the ship goes down you just sit there sipping your Champagne”.

“A major theme of ‘So Cool’, is that if you never let anything phase you, then you’re not really living. Don’t try to be so cool that you become ice cold. Don’t numb yourself to life’s experiences because you just might miss the good as well as the bad”.

The song unfolds over a punchy rhythm section provided by Rian Trench (Solar Bears, Panik Attaks), and while the melodies and chords weave their way around, the persistent synth bass chugs along relentlessly underneath. Finally in the climactic middle section we are swept away by multiple chord changes that culminate in a growling scream before settling back down for one final driving verse as the song closes.

So Cool is available on all streaming platforms now:

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