New Single from Tracy Bruen Released On Strange Brew

April 15, 2021

‘Better Than This’ is Tracy Bruen’s first new music since the 2020 radio hit ‘Dream Away’

A song about love and loss, ‘Better Than This’, captures the songwriter’s realisation that life’s challenges and heartaches make us who we are and strengthen the bonds of love in the relationships that matter the most.  Galway’s Tracy Bruen is back with a song to soothe the soul and shine a big shiny light of hope on the future. Recorded and mixed by Ray Diamond, ‘Better Than This’ was written by Tracy and arranged collaboratively by the whole band.

The song is accompanied by a heartwarming video directed by filmmaker AMW Visual, who has directed many of Tracy’s previous releases, including ‘Dream Away’. Galway photographer EMJ Camera, has lent a selection of her stunning series of lockdown photos to the video.  She explains… “All of the photos for this independent ‘Self Isolation Portrait’ project were taken during the first lockdown in 2020, the time when people couldn’t see many other faces or leave their houses. People posed at their safe place-at their doorstep, introducing one of the new hobbies they took up since the world went into a shutdown. The agenda was very simple- to show some positive and uplifting news, as well as to link and support each other during the doom and gloom times.”

“As a photographer, I wanted to document that current situation through my own angle that had no negativity and give a bit of a bright spark to the community. The whole process ended up being incredibly fulfilling and heartwarming, revisiting some old friends and even making new ones.”

“This project taught me that every bad situation can be turned into something positive.”

‘Better Than This’ is available on all digital platforms now.


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