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New Single From The Human Man ‘White Knuckle Holiday’

April 29, 2022

‘White Knuckle Holiday’ is the infectious, hook-laden new track from The Human Man – an Irish singer-songwriter whose music is as intriguing as his name. His music lays itself comfortably alongside indie and bedroom pop, while maintaining its own unique characteristics thanks to his distinct, wistful voice and instrumentation. The new track sees jangly guitar playing tinted with sparse harmonies to produce a wonderfully dreamy, escapist atmosphere.

The indie-rock artist began storytelling with melody-driven songs as an admiration for songwriters such as The War On Drugs, Pinegrove, American Football. Hailing from Dublin, The Human Man has long been immersed in the Irish music scene, leaving an everlasting mark which makes its way into The Human Man’ music in emotive and real ways, saying “not everything is perfect, but life goes on regardless.”

In the artist’s own words – “White Knuckle Holiday is about not seeing eye to eye with yourself every day, and still learning even though you know yourself so well. The recording came together quickly and smoothly, it was written and demoed in one day and the final track isn’t miles different from the bedroom demo I did, which I love about it… It was an extremely rewarding task getting to play every instrument (except the drums) and sing every line. To truly focus on making this song the way I wanted to make it was an amazing feeling.”

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