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New Single From The Art Crimes Band ‘Guy Like You’

February 3, 2022

“Reader, I married him”. From Jane Eyre, to social media and now Cork’s Jazz Festival, what we look for in love has always been trending. The Art Crimes Band open 2022 with sultry, funk and soul infused single ‘Guy Like You’, out February 4.

Written by Grace McMahon, the origin story of this tale goes back to when the singer was on Tinder busily swiping left. While pondering all things a guy has to be before she will go on a date with them, she eventually decided against listing all the materialistic reasons people usually consider and decided to focus on finding a really great person in general. “Delightful, mindful, no doubt insightful, makes my heart beat”. When debuting the new song during the groups successful run at 2021’s Cork Jazz Festival Grace told crowds “I used to obsess over all the millions of things a guy has to be, then when I stopped obsessing about it, I found him… and I married him”.

The Art Crimes Band’s first album Radio on the SUGO Music record label in 2015 reflected a group still searching for their groove. Following on from last year’s ‘In The Dark Of The evening’ and with a fresh studio album in the works they have solidified a firm foundation in the R&B/Soul sound under which they are right at home. Band members include Gary Baus (Alto Saxophone), Stephen Kirby (Guitars), Niall Dennehy (Drums & Percussion), Grace McMahon (Vocals), Tim O’Leary (Bass) and introducing new member Katie O’Donnell (Piano & Keyboards).

With engineering and mixing duties once again at the hands of drummer Niall Dennehy ‘Guy Like You’ attempts to channel some of the bands 90s RnB & Soul influences such as Laruen Hill, En Vogue and Erykah Badu mixed with the familiar retro warm sound closely associated with the band. As Llewelyn Screen of The A&R Factory writes: “The Art Crimes Band make the type of music that hugs you close and doesn’t let go”.

‘Guy Like You’ is released worldwide on the Sugo Music Record label  February 4, 2022 and a three track special edition will also be available featuring the single plus bonus tracks the same day via The Arts Crimes Band bandcamp.

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