New Single From Strings & Things ‘Day in the Life’

May 20, 2022

Irish up and coming Neo-Trad band Strings & Things are set to release their second instalment off their highly anticipated Re: Works EP, ‘Day in the Life’.

‘Day in the Life’ tells a simple story that we are all familiar with, the life of working Monday to Friday and the emotions we feel as the week progresses, living for the weekend. Written in 2017, this is a track that featured alongside Anorak Jack on the “Anorak Jack EP”. Strings & Things felt the song deserved another go in the studio with the sound they have now and incorporated it into their ever growing & evolving, unique sound.

This song has a bright feel that carries throughout the song, with a feel-good rhythm and punch delivered by bass and cajon, a raspy guitar that shines a hopeful light on the entire song and a steady melody conveyed by the banjo. This concludes to an uplifting undertone which develops throughout and opens up into a grand, cheerful chorus. Combined with a catchy chorus and steady tempo, the lyrics touch on the stretch that some weeks may come as and that through hard work and patience there is the best reward anyone could ask for the weekend!

Band Percussionist and backing vocalist Eoin Shelly says “it’s always fun to be able to write lyrics for songs that can relate to people and how they feel throughout a working week and have it come to life with music”.

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