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New Single from Sarah Crean ’02:00 AM’

July 13, 2022

’02:00 AM’ is a new single from singer-songwriter and producer Sarah Crean, alongside co-producer Adam O’Leary.

’02:00 AM’ is an Indie Rock track with Indie Pop remnants, influenced by the likes of Japanese Breakfast and Dayglow. This track, like the entirety of Crean’s discography, is self-written and is produced by herself and Adam O’Leary as mentioned above.

After her most recent release ‘Show Me Nuance’ – a single heavily influenced by the likes of Men I Trust  – Crean decided to work towards a much bigger sound in comparison to her earlier works. With this single ’02:00 AM’, a different approach was taken as a result;

‘’This was my first taste of releasing a song that had been played live before a studio version even existed. It started as an unreleased song on each set for each gig, but it always received the most attention/praise in comparison to other songs on the set. Taking it from the live version to the studio version was a trickier experience because of that, but it definitely encouraged the track’s full potential and pushed us to really perfect the song.’’

The track itself is a passion-filled plea for a person to explicitly tell you how they feel, instead of relying solely on their actions to do so. Though the lyrics communicate the above alongside an element of reminiscing, the vocal delivery, instrumental arrangement and dynamics overall push that passion-filled plea to the forefront. ’02:00 AM’ is upbeat anthem-like track with a lingering sense of anger and frustration, and features dreamy harmonies and an addictive hook throughout.

’02:00 AM’ will be released across all streaming platforms on Friday, July 15th.

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