New Single from Pete & Tom On Song

February 18, 2021

‘Get Dan’ is the new release from Pete & Tom On Song. Available on Spotify and other platforms.

Previous releases ‘Sweet Matilda’, ‘You’re A Cad’, ‘Country Boy’, ‘The Bottom Floor’ and ‘This Christmas’ are available on Spotify and other platforms including YouTube.

Pete and Tom are two gentlemen, living and working in Dublin, Ireland. Having played together in a band in the 80s they finally decided it was time to get back to unfinished business. Their passion for music and song writing had not diminished in the intervening years, so they started rehearsals with a view to recording something light and frivolous to start with. ‘You’re A Cad’ emerged into this world “somewhat saucily” and there was “great sport in its making”!

‘Get Dan’ is their sixth single and is representative of the type of music that they are currently focused on. It’s a song about reaching a point in your life where you have to make a brave decision in order to fully realise dreams and potential.

Pete and Tom are as excited by music now as they were in their twenties and are working on new material with a view to releasing their first album. There is no age limit on being creative and age is no barrier to appreciating a pulsating beat, a sparkling riff or a great pop tune.


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