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New Single from Mark Caplice ‘All In Your Head’

June 24, 2022

All In Your Head” is a song about mankind’s longest running battle, the battle with time.

Wicklow-native Mark Caplice is a multi award-winning songwriter and producer credited to tracks by internationally renowned artists including Jamie Lawson, Don Diablo, and Grigory Leps, and Irish artists including Megan O’Neill, Ryan O’Shaughnessy, and Laura Elizabeth Hughes, as well as Ireland’s Eurovision entry in 2018. Now, after years of writing and producing for others, Mark is thrilled to announce the June 24th release of his own original, ‘All In Your Head’

The song came from my fear of growing up fuelled by the fear of dying. I’ve seen friends, family and loved ones taken soon before their “time” and it always begs the question, Why?

Why do we put ourselves under such great pressures, why do we take the weight of huge mortgages that hang on our shoulders for years when the future you’re planning for might never come.

In my short few years on this earth I’ve had more experience with death than I’d wish for, but when I see someone taken from this life I always take it as a reminder to live. It’s just the way I cope best. Channel the negative energy into something positive and push forward because we’ve got a responsibility to live for those that are gone.

The track features drummer and founding member of “Elbow” Rick Jupp on percussion, members of The “Booka Brass Band” on Horns, Scott Halidae on Bass and all other instruments played by Mark Caplice. The song was produced as a collaborative effort by Mark Caplice, Scott Halidae and Kieran Lane recorded in legendary studios Windmill Lane and Abbey Lane studios.

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