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New Single From Jess Meyer ‘Summertime Song’

June 10, 2022

Paragon Records, the label home of artists such as the award winning Kitt Philippa, Jessica Hammond, Curtis Walsh and The Sei, are delighted to introduce Jess Meyer, the South African-born artist and songwriter and her glorious indie-pop gem “Summertime Song” set for release June 10th.

At just 20 years old, Jess is currently based between Ireland and the UK, having grown up in Cape Town and Dubai, where she spent the majority of her childhood. Having always had a keen interest in poetry from a young age, she taught herself piano and began putting her poetry to music. Through this process, she discovered a passion for songwriting. Her move to Ireland introduced her to a wider musical language including traditional, folk and alternative, all of which had a significant influence on her indie-pop sensibilties.

‘Summertime Song’ was written in full by Jess and produced by Dave Skelton.

Jess comments:

“My main focus as an artist is to bring people together through my music, no matter who or where they are in life. I want to share my own experiences through my music, in the hope that others can relate to what I have to say. I try to write some of my songs from different perspectives, to empathise with people who are going through contrasting circumstances to myself.

Summertime Song is about reminiscing over the good times, even when times get tough .It’s about always having hope, no matter what the circumstances at hand are and knowing that good days are on the horizon. 

I wrote this song during one of the lockdowns of recent times. It was written about how not being able to see people and share special moments with others affected everyone, including myself, but I remained in a positive mindset and kept reminding myself that nothing is constant, and that I’ll be able to see my friends again and make memories with them again.”

Jess Meyer – “Summertime Song” is out June 10th via Paragon Records

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Facebook:@Ijessmeyer           Youtube: @jessmeyer Soundcloud: @ijessmeyer

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