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New Single From Grace Day ‘Never Lonely With You’

March 3, 2022

Marking Grace Day’s first release of 2022, ‘’Never Lonely With You’ is a conversational, dream-pop exploration of heartbreak and learning to be at peace with it. Heavily inspired by 80s synth-pop ballads as well as modern day pop icons like Taylor Swift, Maggie Roggers and Caroline Polachek, the song is due to be released on March 4th, 2022. 

The song was inspired by a Valentine’s poem Grace found from an old flame. She decided to write a response to the poem in song with the help of a reverb-y electric guitar. She then brought it to producers Frances and David J. Praet, the Nashville-based father and daughter force, who brought it to life with the help of vintage drum machines, hypnotic synths and haunting Enya-like harmonies. 

Grace Day is a singer-songwriter from Donegal, Ireland, now based in Nashville, TN.

Grace made the leap and moved to Nashville, at the end of 2019, where she has been busy harvesting her own music career, writing for other artists and working for the Music distributor TuneCore helping other indie artists on their journey.

Her recent electro pop release ‘Bordeaux’ proved to be her most successful streaming single, and was shared by many blogs and playlists alike. Her most notable recent performance was for TuneCore’s Americana fest held in September 2021. 



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