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New Single from Goldie Bron$on ‘Bonjour Bonsoir’

June 24, 2022

Bonjour Bonsoir is Goldie Bron$on’s latest voyage in music exploration. It’s an energetic and fast paced flowing song perfect for the summer ahead.

This song came after Coco the Maestro of the M5 Soundstudio in Cork City enouraged him to become more flowey with his vocals and to begin singing over more fast paced afrobeats, drill or other hip hop beats. Under Cocos guidance Goldie Bron$on’s sound only grew more versatile and energetic. Though it was tough work for Coco at times in the end it proved fruitful. Goldie is now confident at writing for any genre or style of music as well as collaborations with any artists big or small.

Goldie Wrote Bonjour Bonsoir by accident when his friend cancelled last minute and in 10 minutes in the Bean & Leaf cafe to avoid annoying Coco he pulled up a beat 17 year old UK based producer sent him and began writing as quick as possible to get product done. It looked fairly strange and Goldie still avoids the cafe to this day as their were certainly a large amount of dirty looks from customers and employees who probably thought he was crazy. Which he might well be..

But Bonjour Bonsoir was born and a new side to the Goldie Bron$on project was also with many more hip hop and experimental sounding songs haven been recorded in the 7-8 months since the song was recorded. Goldie finally has confidence in himself after years of not being able to sing publically and even still when he began not being able to feel confident in his work or performances. Through organising his own shows and performing different styles of music he is bound to grow and grow from strength to strength.

This is a new beginning for Goldie Bron$on and opens up new doors for further collaborations with different artists. In the upcoming months he hopes to release his first genre less EP and next week or so the music video for Bonjour Bonsoir will be available directed by Tralees Philip Corkery. But one thing to take from this song and it isn’t to hard to guess if you’ve heard the song but guess what he’s coming for the lot and he believes everyone else can to no matter whether in music or otherwise.

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