New single from Enda Gallery ‘Super Raw’

March 26, 2021

Enda Gallery is an artist with a real purpose, and that is to create beautiful and liberating art. He takes influence from genre-defying artists such as Frank Ocean and Prince – mixed with the deep sincerity of Sufjan Stevens, Alicia Keys, and even Freddie Mercury.

Through this sense of creative deliverance, we hear his truest realisations and experiences with his new single ‘Super Raw’. Marinated in flavours of soul, hip hop, techno, and gospel, we are left with songs which peel back the layers of self-incrimination and personal disenfranchisement.

‘Super Raw’ is the first single of Enda Gallery’s upcoming ‘Summer’ EP.

Speaking about the song, Enda says:

“’Super Raw’ is a cry from that all-consuming love that devours you and all your peace in the flames of passion. A love that is both total and totally indescribable. So intense is the state that you feel a total chasm between you and your beloved. A love so intense you could not even speak of it and every moment became an epoch, every movement, every potential signal a great epoch. From that state comes the longing: “If I could just think of what to say you wouldn’t push me away, you’d bring me closer.””

‘Super Raw’ by Enda Gallery is available on all digital platforms now:

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