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New Single from Daniel Cohen ‘Chain Reaction’

September 9, 2022

Daniel Cohen is a talented new Irish pop artist. He started writing music in his teens, and was part of a semi successful Irish rock band for many years.

They released an album and five singles, two of which reached the top forty and top thirty in the Irish Charts respectively. They also recorded an unreleased  second album but sadly never broke through.

Will you ride with me tonight?  

‘Will you ride with me tonight?’ was Daniel’s debut single release in June 2022. It received rave reviews and gained over 30,000 views on YouTube, reaching number 15 in the IMRO newcomer charts and received over 1000 streams on Spotify. A very good result for a fully independent artist.

Chain reaction cover

‘Chain reaction’ is a well know song performed and released by Diana Ross in 1985. While many cover versions have been released of this great track in the past, we are very happy with our version and also a new bridge section we added.

The music for the track was again done by Seamus Duignean in China again, however the vocals and mixing were completed by Daniel Cohen and Pascal Oorts in the famous Taplab studios in Antwerp, Belgium. It was in this studio that much of the ‘New beats’ songs of the 1990’s were recorded.

Daniel’s music influences are firmly based in funk soul and Motown greats. Little Richard, Bruno Mars and George Michael would be among his favourite artists and The Spinners, The Isley Brothers and The Temptations would be among his favourite groups.

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