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New Single and Album from Tommy Keyes

September 22, 2021

“When You’re Dreaming” is the new single from veteran Irish singer-songwriter Tommy Keyes, officially releasing on 1 October but available for immediate airplay.  It’s the fourth single from the forthcoming album Radio Days – the first three singles, “Any Other World”, “Radio Days” and “The Emigrants’ Blues”  all made no 1 in the iTunes singer-songwriter charts in Ireland and got hundreds of radio plays.

“When You’re Dreaming is a vibrant, humorous song driven by piano and saxophone, with backing vocals from Thomas Walsh of the legendary band Pugwash and a superbly melodic guitar solo.  It’s made for radio play!

The sixth album from Tommy Keyes, Radio Days , is his best yet.  It includes three singles which have already topped the iTunes singer-songwriter chart this year and between them received hundreds of plays on Irish radio – Any Other World, Radio Days and The Emigrants’ Blues.  The fourth single, When You’re Dreaming, comes out in tandem with the album on 1 October.

The album is inspired by radio, about radio and made for radio.  Tommy traces his musical life back to childhood days transferring the latest singles from the radio to cassette so he could learn them on the piano.  He sees radio as important now as it ever was, as the gateway to the wonderful world of music – an entertainer and an educator at the same time.

Listening to the album is like listening to an eclectic music radio station in the 1970s  which is the era in which all of Keyes’ music is firmly rooted.  With his gift for melodic hooks and evocative lyrics,  and the array of talented musicians and singers (including legendary names such as Thomas Walsh, Richie Buckley and Dick Farrelly) Keyes has created an album which is stuffed with gems for radio playlists.

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