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New Music From SomeRiseSomeFall ft John Blek ‘I Remember You’

January 11, 2022

SomeRiseSomeFall is an independent community of Irish songwriters, musicians and creatives whose second album “No Simple Highway” was released In February 2021 this year to widespread critical acclaim .

The final single from the album “I Remember You” ft John Blek will be released exclusively on Bandcamp on 14th January 2022.

John’s reimagining of Eilen Jewell’s classic tale of kinship amidst life challenges is beautiful and we were delighted that America’s “Queen of The Manor Key” responded so positively to the song and the project writing “ It’s amazing! I love that it’s a unique version that’s faithful to what I did but not an exact replica. You really did the song justice, you’re doing the world some justice, and I’m honored to be associated with your project. The whole album has such a nice sound. I love the tasteful production, the overall vibe, the solid playing…really great”.

The single was originally scheduled for release in April 2021 but was held back to accommodate John’s burgeoning solo career which saw him release 2 albums last year: “Digressions #2 Grounded” and the stunning “On Ether & Air” the final instalment of his 4 part “Catharsis” project.

It was also felt that the themes kinship, trauma, mental health challenges, homelessness and compassion covered in the song and the accompanying video would be best highlighted with a New Year release away from the sentimentality of Christmas as the harsh realities of life for the marginalised become even more apparent.

SomeRiseSomeFall see that trauma, mental illness, homelessness and addiction are inextricably linked and need to be focused on as a long-term basis. This is why we are happy to support organisations like the Cork Simon Community whose work is informed by the lifelong impact of ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences) on mental health and life outcomes for vulnerable people https://www.corksimon.ie/trauma-informed-care

ALL proceeds from the single will be made to the Cork Simon Community (this means that SomeRiseSomeFall will absorb all costs of recording, production, marketing and all Bandcamp charges) so that 100% of the purchase price/donation will be passed to the Cork Simon Community along with a top-up donation from SomeRiseSomeFall.

SomeRiseSomeFall : Website  |  Facebook  | Twitter  |  YouTube | Spotify | Bandcamp

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