New Music from Mike Roche

March 26, 2021

Growing up, Mike Roche came from a very musical family. His late Grandad Charlie O’Keeney was heavily involved in music from playing fiddle and keys with his band ‘The Silver Wings’. Having never taken music lessons as a child, he began to teach himself the piano following his grandfather’s death in 2016. His interest in music grew from there, and he slowly taught himself the guitar, mandolin and the bass guitar in a busy three year period.

‘Rewind Time’ is produced by Dave Skelton (Faraway Martin, RACHEL, Rofi James) and mastered by Aidan Foley of Masterlabs (Denise Chaila, U2, Thin Lizzy)

Releasing his 3rd single off his debut EP which is set for release summer 2021. ‘Rewind Time is a very deep, emotional song written in honor of Roche’s late grandmother. ‘Rewind Time’ incorporates touching lyrics driven by a heartfelt musical composition.

While it’s a very personal song. I want the listeners to remember the loved ones in their lives that they have lost when they hear ‘Rewind Time’ and think of the good memories you had with them. One of the themes I explore in this song is the pain that comes with losing a loved one and it’s terrible that we have to experience that pain but, we are also lucky in a way that we get to because of them. Where would we be without the people closest to us in our life. They make us who we are today. And we owe it to them to carry their name and memories on and to become everything good that we loved them for. Music is just my way of doing that.”

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