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New Music from John Lynch Music

June 9, 2021

An Irishman abroad, living in London for 5 years and running his own successful business, got the fright of his life with a health scare, that brought him home to his native Ireland, and a change of career!

Having worked for years away from home John Lynch returned to Dublin in 2019. He gave up the business life to start his music career. He began writing and performing live, and then two months into 2020… BANG….. a global pandemic arrives!!!

Undeterred, and inspired by other Irish artists pivoting this unknown world, he kept on track with his new career, writing and recording his debut album, ‘City Stars’, due for release autumn 2021. ‘City Stars’ is a collection of ten original songs about modern life in Ireland and the world today, through the familiar storytelling of folk music.

‘London Bridge’ is the first of three singles before the album release, and describes John’s experience of working away from home in London city. A business owner at that time, he quickly realised the loneliness both mentally and physically of his situation. The song describes the bitter experience of working too hard to serve the ridiculous cycle of the greedy and interests of the elite! Want to know more? Have a listen and discover this new artist that who’s aim is to win the RTÉ Radio 1 Folk Music Award at the end of this year!


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