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New Music from Doctor Millar ‘Communion Money’

September 30, 2022

On Friday September 30th, Sean ‘Doctor’ Millar releases ‘Communion Money’, the second single from his broadly acclaimed album ‘Ruining Everything’ and the follow up to the recent ‘Look What She Threw Away’.

Talking about the track, Sean says “I originally wrote it on the Sheeps Head Peninsula in West Cork, but Communion Money is about being a sibling, and that deep innate love. It’s based on an actual dream I had twenty years ago.

In it myself and my brother and my sisters were all floating out in Dublin bay, just drifting with no oars, off the coast. We were all just sitting, silent and happy, with that kind of peaceful happiness that sometimes descended on the house when we were young.”

The title comes from my memory when I was 7 of making the princely sum of ten pounds on my holy communion, a fortune back then for a kid. We all went into town and spent it and bought things and had burgers and milkshakes, opulence beyond the dreams of avarice! Such a great memory.

Being cut off from my mother, who is in her nineties, and my family during lockdown was extremely stressful. I kept thinking that they were all just a few miles down the coast. Recording the song, became my way of being with them all again.

Sean Millar Tour Dates…

October 6th – Whelan’s, Dublin (with Brian Hogan, Jayne Pomplas, and Miriam Ingram) – TICKETS

October 13th – Spirit Store, Dundalk (with Brian Hogan) – TICKETS

October 28th – Droichead Arts Centre, Drogheda (with Nick Kelly, as DOGS) – TICKETS

‘Ruining Everything’ is out now on Gentlemen Recordings – Buy It HERE

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