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New ambient album and accompanying films by Myles O’Reilly [Indistinct Chatter]

November 10, 2022

Myles O’Reilly is a musician, composer and filmmaker from Dublin. Since first lifting a camera in 2010, multi-tasking O’Reilly has filmed, directed and edited over 100 music videos and 20+ music documentary short films. During the pandemic, Myles produced the first two albums in his critically acclaimed [Indistinct Chatter] series of minimal ambient recordings, Cabin Lights Off (2020) and My Mothers Star (2021), followed in 2022 by a collection of ambient folk songs titled ‘Cocooning Heart’.

In January 2022, his first feature film documentary ‘Dark Horse on The Wind’ about the life and songs of the late folk singer Liam Weldon premiered at the Dublin International Film Festival. This week sees the release ‘An Ode To Soft Landings’, the third instalment in Myles O’Reilly’s [Indistinct Chatter] minimal ambient series of long players. A meditation on the elementary ethereal sound of hazy drones, lush reverb, delicate synth, and guitar loops. A journey into memory and nostalgia, where most of our experiences remain inside us as fragmented echoes. Mysterious and melancholy slow-swelling strings. Submarine tones, subtle and frail.

As the title suggests ‘An Ode To Soft Landings’ is just that, a peaceful and patient bath of sound in which to immerse and wind down. The album is out now on Bandcamp [Tuesday 8th November].

Speaking about the album, Myles says:
‘An Ode To Soft Landings’ is a collection of ambient works, mostly from short films I have released (and some to be released) this year on my Patreon Channel. ‘The Street Where You Live’ is a short doc about my elderly, wise, and very beautiful neighbours Eddie and Elsie, and the orchestral composition accompanying that film is featured on this album titled ‘The Street Where They Live’


In my short film ‘A Gardener Now’ I document my friend and music collaborator Rónán Ó Snodaigh playing the Bodhran, a drum and symbol of the Irish Republic, in a meeting with a Northern Irish Unionist playing a Lambeg Drum, an instrument of the British Orange Order. A hugely rewarding and emotional project. The subtle ambient soundtrack I composed for that film features on this album titled ‘He’s a Gardener Now’.

‘Her First Crios’ is a piece I composed to accompany a short film of the same name featuring my wife Aideen weaving a traditional Irish waist belt called a Crios. So the catalyst for this collection has really been the ambient landscape evolving behind the scenes, quite literally.”

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UPCOMING EVENTS (extended world tour of Cork):

1.30pm, Saturday 19th November 2022
Premiere of ‘A City Under Quiet Lights’ at Cork International Film Festival

2pm, Sunday 27th November 2022
Myles O’Reilly’s Ambient Pharmacy, at Quiet Lights festival, Cork
Admission free

1st Feb 2023 – Prim’s Bookshop, Kinsale, Cork
2nd Feb 2023 – Coughlan’s, Cork
3rd Feb 2023 – De Barras, West Cork
4th Feb 2023 – Phil Grimes, Waterford

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