N’D Releases Debut Single ‘O.N.N.T.’

August 29, 2022

Cork musician N’D recently released her debut single ‘O.N.N.T.’

Speaking about her debut release, Nichole says;

“I am so excited to present my first ever single and music video release O.N.N.T. The goal was to release something unique , colourful and fun. I know a lot of people who know me will be so surprised as I usually sing love songs , country and anything depressing. The video is a bit of an alter ego, In fact it reignited my own confidence in myself ,it was so empowering and I want everyone that listens to feel the same !

The song and video represents a woman’s ego and choice in her love life. The innocent reserved side and the sensual confident side with a sprinkle of fun. How love can feel so right but change so fast. The main message in the song and video is that whether we love or not we should always choose to love ourselves first . Do not wait for a significant other to make you feel confident and sexy. Do that for ourselves.

I have been working with an amazing producer Coco from M5 Sound Studio here in Cork. We started to work together in 2021 and accidentally came up with ONNT. It was Christmas 2021 and we were talking about another new song I had just finished recording. We were talking about who we could include in the video and in passing I said “Oh no that was like a One Night Nearly Thing” Coco laughed and said “Nichole that’s a catchy chorus” Before I knew it Coco sent me a demo of the chorus and I began to write the verses. And Boom ONNT was born .We had so much fun making this track and the video. It was a rollercoaster of emotions and I couldn’t be happier with the end result. We genuinely had so much fun. Seeing everything come together has been an amazing experience.”

N’D’s Musical Journey

“I have been singing since I was a little girl from singing the little mermaid songs to sleeping beauty. I have a distinct memory of watching Grease at my Aunt’s house when I was around 7. I remember being in awe of Olivia Newton John’s scene singing “Hopelessly devoted” .This is the moment I thought wow I want to sing and I can actually hold a tune! This is when I began to believe I could be an artist. From here I started to listen to everything from Destiny’s Child to Carrie Underwood. I love all types of music ,it usually depends on my mood! I do love country and RnB if I had to make a choice.

My music experiences didn’t start in the usual artist way .Mine was more in my room using it as self therapy because I was absolutely terrified of singing in front of people. As I grew older I began to embrace my voice and the overwhelming feeling of emotion when I sang. I started to enter competitions and audition for shows as a teenager. I hit another curve of self doubt and anxiety .I wanted to tackle this fear and not let it stop me from chasing my dreams. So I threw myself on open mic stages, busking in Cork City and started doing more covers on my social media. I slowly got over my self doubt and nerves, I began to enjoy singing. Since then I have started singing at weddings  and it’s going strong. I began to crave the energy from a crowd if even just a few. Then Covid hit and all my live singing dreams went into lockdown. So in the meantime I began to work with Coco. We started to write and record ONNT and we had so much fun . ONNT is only the beginning for me , I have another song ready to be released soon. The next song is very unique, not your usual pop fusion vibe! It’s like Arianna Grande, Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera all met up for cocktails and wrote a song together with a 90s tint! I will be releasing this track in a month’s time.

I am very excited to start this journey and to see where it will take me. I want to challenge myself musically and most of all just have fun in doing so.”




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