Name Change and New Single from MOM + THE REBELS

March 30, 2021

Following the success of their debut single ‘Come By Me’ MOM, who have now changed their name to MOM + THE REBELS, return with another undeniable banger, true to their refreshingly-unique Pop sound! ‘Down By The River’ is an appeal-to-the-repeat-button song about having faith in yourself that you’ll always find your way in the end. This gospel-inspired, foot-stomping, banjo-driven pop gem will have you dancing around your living room like a lunatic.

Set for release on April 2nd 2021, it has the same joyfulness and versatility as their debut single, but with a matured production style.

7-time All-Ireland champion harp and banjo player, Lisa Canny, from Co. Mayo met Bristol-born producer and bass player Dejay Edmund in a studio in London in 2016. When their two worlds collided something magical happened. They spent the next 3 months living and working out of that tiny studio with just one microphone and a whole world of fusion to explore. Now with a catalogue of dozens of songs ready for release in their unique folk-meets-gospel sound MOM + THE REBELS are here to have their say!





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