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Naked Animals Release New Single ‘One More Time’

February 23, 2022

It is no secret that performers and creatives around the country are buzzing with the idea of returning to the stage in a post-Covid world. This rings especially true for Cork City’s Naked Animals, who were known as a beacon of the Irish scene before the pandemic, and are ready to reclaim their place. When you listen to their music, you can hear why this reputation is justified, and their new single, ‘One More Time’ is a perfect example.

The indie-rock 5 piece is set to release the song across all platforms on Wednesday February 23rd. ‘One More Time’ is a melancholic, yet upbeat pop/rock song, which portrays an image of themes such as heartbreak, unfinished business and the realization that love isn’t always perfect or like a fairy tale.

While the song shows a more heartfelt, sombre side to the band, it still retains the energy that Naked Animals are known for, and is accompanied by an incredibly well put together stop-motion video, which captures the mood of the track perfectly, with just the right amount of light and shade.

“It’s a song that we’ve had up our sleeves for a while, and we’re really excited to get it out there”, says bass player, Ben Janning, “…it kind of feels like the start of the next chapter, new material, getting back on the road etc.”

The single was recorded in Cork, with well known producer, 1000 Beasts, and will be closely followed up by the bands long awaited return to the stage in a non-virtual setting.

Live appearances in venues such as Whelan’s (Dublin), Monroe’s (Galway) and Coughlan’s (Cork), are on the cards in April, giving fans the chance to once again experience Naked Animals’ high energy live show, as well as hearing new material, such as ‘One More Time’ in a live setting for the first time.

‘One More Time’ is officially released across all platforms on Wednesday February 23rd.

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