N.O.A.H Release Eagerly Awaited Second Single Featuring Booka Brass

February 12, 2021

N.O.A.H have just released their eagerly awaited second single ‘Darkest Hour’, featuring Booka Brass, today 12 February 2021. The single follows their first release ‘Shine’ which received extensive airplay across both national and regional radio and was featured as 2FM’s Breakfast with Doireann & Eoghan’s Track of the Week – alongside the band making their international debut with a featured live performance on Laura Whitmore’s BBC Radio 5 Live Breakfast show.

‘Darkest Night’ sure packs a punch, it’s quick, energetic and is set to bring rock back to the mainstream with its undeniable catchy hook backed up by the gigantic sound of Booka Brass.

Speaking about the track N.O.A.H said: “Once you emerge from this mind spinning rock tune, its meaning is left starring you in the face. Broadly speaking it is about mental health, and how a sane mind quickly begins to deteriorate, we experience a person’s descent into their ‘darkest hour’.”

The verses lay the foundation for a cold, creepy, and unsettling atmosphere that persists throughout the entire song. The lyricist feels something’s after happening, as if there is something in the air. A peculiar sense of suspicion and paranoia. Also hinting that it has been quite a while since he has felt like himself, “it’s been a week since I’ve felt normal.”

The idea of mundanity and boredom is also quite prevalent, “You drive around this town, that made you feel so small.” And that’s when the lyricist’s inner voice begins to speak up, “I can see it in your eyes girl you don’t feel too good.” Provoking anxiety, self-reflection and ultimately engaging in self-blackmail. You turn my head away, so I face my darkest hour, you lay on the bed with blood red shotgun flowers.” The mind can be very familiar but also a dark, empty and self doubting place. It lures you in seductively, the voice in your head gets louder, you start to feel anxious and then all hell breaks loose.

N.O.A.H is comprised of three lifelong friends, Ryan Hill, Adam Rooney and Ronan Hynes. The band was formed in January 2020, after the band decided to reform a previous musical endeavour. The band have taken inspiration in its naming, from the biblical story of ‘Noah and the Ark’, which is centralised around the theme of new beginnings. This idea is fundamental to the band’s vision and core values.

‘Darkest Hour’ the brand new single from N.O.A.H featuring Booka Brass, is out now across all digital platforms.

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