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Melissa Jane Carroll & Rohan Healy Set to Release Single ‘Break Heaven’s Rules’

July 13, 2022

Break Heaven’s Rules is a heart wrenching but ultimately healing story of love and longing told from the perspective of a mourning husband and his wife who has passed away.

A touching duet and collaboration between celebrated Irish pop writer Melissa Jane Carroll and award winning producer and musician Rohan Healy, owner at Beardfire Studios. A moving ballad for everyone who has ever felt the pain of losing someone and who’s looking to find solace in the shared human experience of loving, losing and healing.

Taking influence from the likes of folk and Americana greats Bob Dylan and Neil Young for the overall sound and production, Break Heaven’s Rules invokes the mournful yet hopefully mood of hot summer sunsets and memories of moments shared. Harking back to the days of iconic duets of Johnny Cash and June Carter, Chris Kristofferson and Dolly Parton, George Jones and Tammy Wynette Break, Heaven’s Rules is a modern take on the classic duet.

Melissa Jane Carroll is a master wordsmith and songstress who’s strength of writing knows no genre or style limitation spanning pop, folk, country and from fierce anthems of empowerment to soft introspective pieces. A true artist and prolific writer whos output over the past 2 years has been as impressive in terms of quality as it has been in consistent quantity, with each new track offering something fresh and new! Besides her consistent output which has received significant UK and Irish radio play, as well as being featured in film and TV, she is also a passionate campaigner for issues close to her heart, releasing her single “Don’t Forget Me” as a fund raiser for the Irish Cancer Society.

The track was recorded, mixed and mastered by renouned production team Beardfire Music, a production teams consisting of brothers Rohan and Al Healy, and their father David Virgin. Who’s combined 75 experience on stage and in studio adds up to over two thousand live shows across the globe, including appearances on Irish, French and Australian TV and The Voice UK in England, 5 number 1’s on the Australian indie charts, hundreds of production and session credits and awards including the Founders Choice Award at the International Songwriting Competition 2021 for their work on All The Queen’s Horse’s song The Troubled Tears of Drury Road. They’ve worked in studio on or stage with the likes of Patricia Lalor, Nick Cave, INXS, Leslie Dowdall, Mary Black, Billy Bragg to name a few.

Break Heaven’s Rules is out on all major platforms July 15th 2022.

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