Marty Mone Captures a Little Bit of Magic Live From His Living Room

July 6, 2021

Marty Mone is set to release ‘Six Days On The Road’ on 9th July. Marty recorded this cover live with his band in Marty’s Living Room of his Irish Cottage in County Monaghan Ireland.

The song was recorded by complete chance when Marty and the Band were warming up and waiting on the kettle to boil before starting to practice some of Marty’s own original songs for an upcoming tour.

Marty had wired all the mics down the hall to his studio and hit record before practice started and left it to chance to see what it captured during the practice session.

It was only after sorting through hours of audio combined with music, stories, jokes and craic that Marty took a shine to this random recording that just seemed to capture the magic of playing live.

‘Six Days On The Road’ is a cover of a Country Rock song wrote by Earl Green and Carl Montgomery and made famous by Dave Dudley, telling a true story of life on the road, six days a week.

Marty could relate to this song more than most as he used to work full time as a truck driver and he is often still seen traveling in his R580 Scania, which is the setting for the Official Music Video.

Marty decided he wanted people to really see the true story of life on the road, Marty decided to leave the studio and get back out on the road for 6 long days with his truck and cameras to capture in real-time footage about the life of a trucker travelling for 6 days on the road.

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