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Marketa Irglova shares ‘Girl from a Movie’, the final single before her new album LILA

August 4, 2022

Fresh off announcing her much anticipated forthcoming album, LILA, Marketa Irglova is sharing a third single and video with ‘Girl from A Movie’.

Irglova introduced the album with ‘My Roots Go Deep’, which she first shared in a live setting during the Once 15th Anniversary shows this past spring. More recently was the Bridgerton inspired, ‘The Season’ which she shared with an accompanying time period-like video shot in her native Czech Republic.

As the title implies ‘Girl from A Movie’, stands to be Irglova’s personal anthem as her penned reflection on what it was like literally being that “girl” from the film Once. A starring role that not only served as her introduction to many and garnering her an Academy Award for Original Song but continues to be an active entry point thru its cult-like following on streaming services and success as a Tony winning musical.

‘Girl from a Movie’ is also a meditative outlook on the cost of this unsuspecting instant fame which arrived at Irglova’s doorstep and how she has come to terms with it over the ensuing years. The song not only looks back at a specific time but also marks how she chose to move forward in life.

Irglova states, “It is about what being the girl from a movie has taught me about expectations, trying to live up to them, while also subconsciously projecting my own hopes and dreams onto others, catching myself in a funny, but often heart-breaking dance of projection and perception usually ending in disappointment.” She continues, “I have learnt that we can only truly know one another through our heart, not our senses, for the heart is where love is and love does not discriminate. It does not edit and photoshop. It does not reject you when you don’t play a part. Let us open our heart and truly see. The real you, the real me.”

For fans of Once ‘Girl from a Movie’ might feel like an epilogue to the story of ‘Girl’, when in fact it’s a continuation of the extraordinary journey Irglova has carved out for herself. Beginning with one of the greatest accomplishments in all of entertainment at merely 18 years old that has led her from girl to woman to mother to artist and beyond.

The accompanying video was put together by Irglova and creative partner Sturla Mio Thorisson with photos by friend and photographer Sion Fullana along with stills from Once photographer David Cleary. Documenting the creation of LILA and more recent periods of Irglova’s life, the two used an effect to give them an animated look complimenting the songs tone and narrative.

Irglova offers that “giving them an animated look illustrates how reality becomes distorted through our perception of it as we project our beliefs and expectations on everything and everyone. In our mind people might become better or worse but they always look somewhat different as seen through our filter and lens.” 

‘Girl from a Movie’ was recorded by Sturla Mio Thorisson in Iceland at Masterkey Studios, which Irglova and Thorisson own and operate together.

LILA will be available digitally world-wide on Masterkey Sounds on August 19th

Pre-order the album here: https://lnk.to/Lila_MarketaIrglova



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