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Mark Crockard releases new album Hotel America

November 11, 2022

‘Hotel America’ is the third album from Northern Irish singer/ songwriter Mark Crockard. With two well-received albums under the band name Willow Springs, Mark has now stepped out from under that umbrella to release this album in his own name:

“On this album, I took lockdown as an opportunity to play as many of the instruments as possible. I had time and I was able to experiment with sounds, songs and of course have a few happy accidents. So when it came to thinking about this release I thought I may as well take the knocks and any credit in my own name for a change. ”

As with the Willow Springs albums, ‘Hotel America’ was recorded at Earthmusic studio in Belfast with Engineer and Co-Producer Vic Bronzini-Fulton at the controls.

All 12 songs are written and performed by Mark Crockard on vocals, guitars and keys. Chris Haigh (fiddle), Marcus McAuley (mandolin) and Keith Ward (keys) help out on a few tracks.

Mark’s influences are clear and unashamed both in his writing and the sound he produces – Ry Cooder, JJ Cale, Asleep at the Wheel, Boz Scaggs, Steve Earle all make their presence felt. There may even be a nod to Cole Porter on ‘You Dont Need Me Anymore’.

“Conscious of needing an album title, I spotted the actual Hotel America in Granada, Spain. A rusting sign, hotel not as big or glamorous as the name implied, it seemed like a good metaphor. Also the basis of many of my songs are in American roots music – folk, blues, bluegrass, soul and gospel, like different rooms all in the one Hotel America”

If the two Willow Springs albums saw Crockard spreading his songwriting wings, Hotel America has narrowed his focus. There is still the same expanse of genres but lyrically and musically this is a much tighter album that sees him honing his songwriting skills. Surely more commercial success can not be far away.

Hotel America is released on 14th November.

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