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Lugosi set to rock the Alternative Sunday Social Club in The Wild Duck on April 16th

March 6, 2023

Remember video nasties, rubber monsters and glorious below-par, B-Movie acting from the 1980s? Well punk / horror / rockers Lugosi are here to remind us all just how fantastically cheesy and tongue-in-cheek this forgotten era was. The bands’ sophomore album Video Nasty is out now and is jam-packed with eight slices of Rock n’ Horror madness that channels the spirit of Clutch, drinking with members of The Cramps and Misfits, while GWAR roll the next joint. This is B-Movie soundtrack gold, marinated with a true sense of rock n’ roll and zero fucks given.

Lugosi formed in 2016 consisting of JM Burr & Jimmy Rooney (from Reverend JM’s Panic Worship), film maker and former Hungry Souls guitarist Alan Morton, and Neal Wright, formerly of Belfast’s Memento Mori. Influenced by the unholy quadrilogy of beer, books, movies and music, they embarked on a mission to make heavy music informed by horror and science fiction, infused with a singular humor and delivered with groove and style. Best described as a sonic Ed Wood movie transmitted through rock and roll, Lugosi have created a cartoon catalogue of monsters & myths, aliens, witches, vampires, secret societies and much, much more. Stylistically the band have been influenced by Danzig, Misfits, Clutch and Black Sabbath, with a smattering of Django Rheinhardt thrown in for good measure.

After a couple of years of honing their live performances and exploring the dusty back shelves of the local public library, the band recorded and launched their debut album Rise from the Grave in 2019. This consisted of 8 tracks, four of which were released as singles, supported by videos and shows across the island of Ireland. Continuing their strange obsession with the number eight, and recorded in short spurts between various lockdowns, their second album Video Nasty is an 8-track trip to the corner video store. Covering strange and diverse unhallowed ground lyrically, this album delivers even more drive and punch than the first. Lugosi can’t wait to bring this album to the general public and to once again bring their unique vision to the live stage.

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