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Lloyd John to Release Debut EP ‘Homesick’

August 22, 2022

Lloyd John is set tot release his debut studio recorded EP on August 26th 2022.

Speaking about the EP, Lloyd John says;

‘Homesick’ is a collection of 4 key memorable moments in my life over the past 2 years. It battles sexual confusion, depression, anxiety, love and realisation.

TRACK 1 “Nobody has to know”
Tells a story about life inside a closeted gay relationship. My boyfriend and I were in a serious relationship for almost 6 months before we felt the courage to tell anybody. The song shows the struggles that come with it and frustration towards to world for making us feel uncomfortable in our choices and our own skin. The song possesses positive energy consistently throughout as those first 6 months were still amazing behind closed doors and I knew that discomfort wouldn’t last forever.

TRACK 2 “I feel so alone”
I first noticed it in the summer of 2021. I was sitting in my student accommodation living room in Cork with all of my absolute closest friends but still felt such a great deal of loneliness
because my partner Danny was in Limerick and It was impossible for us to be together at that time. This song represents that feeling of loneliness.

TRACK 3 “One Life”
For me, one of the main things I’ve taken away from the COVID-19 Pandemic is to not take life too seriously and to really enjoy every possible minute of it. Even when there are awful things
happening around you, try to remember things don’t last forever. Everything does get better, and you will be ok. My main goal with this song is to give my listeners a sense of relief.

TRACK 4 “Homesick”
This is the leading song for the EP as it carries the most weight in regards to my personal life. This year has torn my relationship with many people into pieces, we have all put down on of the most difficult years of our entire lives and this song for me represents unity on one hand, and desperate separation on the other. I wrote this song alone in my boyfriends apartment, I was alone
for hours and I was in a position where I couldn’t tell who my real friends were and who was lying to me. I lost 50% of my friendships that day and this song poured out of me as what seemed to be a cry for help and a longing to go home. Home isn’t perfect, but it is still a safe place, somewhere I feel settled.

About Lloyd John

Emerging from a small town in the mid-west of Ireland, Lloyd John is a blast of energy and a raw and highly emotional performer. He strives off of creating that stomach turning emotion in his music and will never shy away from introducing new sounds to do so, blending alternative pop with some contagious choruses leaving a permanent memory in his audiences minds.
Before all this though as a 16 year old songwriter with a laptop and a dream, Lloyd bought a €30 microphone and produced one of his early singles “Alive”, which has well over 1,500,000 streams

Lloyd John has opened for fantastic bands/artists such as Baby Queen, Happy Alone, Tolu Makay and many more.

Lloyd John has been played and performed on multiple radio stations and tv programmes across Ireland for example; RTE’s TG4, Spin South West, RedFM, Classic Hits, Beat102103, Limerick Post and many more.

He has also been in magazines and blogs such as the Hot Press, Golden Plec and Limerick Post. He’s only getting started…


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