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Lisa Murray shares energetic single ‘Stuck On You’

February 24, 2023

Singer/songwriter, producer and multi-disciplinary artist Lisa Murray is kicking off 2023 with her energetic and relatable single ‘Stuck on You’ out Friday, February 24th, following the success of her various singles in 2022. ‘Stuck on You’ tells the story of how it feels when an ex-lover has moved on and fallen in love with someone new, but you still can’t get them out of your head. It encapsulates the feeling of knowing you’re better off without someone, but still being infatuated with them.

The track makes use of distorted guitars, rushing drums and vast backing vocal choral stacks to create a wall of sound that tastefully echoes the feelings of frustration and irritation portrayed in the lyrics. In this three-verse, three-chorus lament, Lisa steers from electronic pop production and leans towards a pop/rock style with a country flare. Her use of elements such as lap steel and clashing vocal harmonies reflect her love and inspiration for country music and storytelling.

The accompanying music video is set and shot in an 18th century mansion, located not far from Lisa’s hometown in Ireland. Inspired by the aesthetics of The Queen’s Gambit, the video was co-directed by Lisa and Bogdan Hrechka. The chess focus serves as a metaphor for the give and take in modern relationships, and how love can be construed as a game.

“I wrote ‘Stuck on You’ a number of years ago. When the idea came to me, I sat down and wrote it in about 15 minutes. Even though it’s an older song of mine, it’s one that was constantly turning around in my head. When I was deciding on a track list for the Empty Heart EP I knew I wanted to include it. I’m really thrilled with how the production and video came together to bring the track to life!”

‘Stuck on You’ was recorded at Chamber Studio in Edinburgh as part of Lisa’s upcoming debut EP ‘Empty Heart’. The EP was produced by Lisa, once again in collaboration with recording and mix engineer Graeme Young. Lisa also worked with bassist Mandy Clarke, drummer Davide Rinaldi and guitarist Marty Hailey to bring this pop/rock sound to life in the studio. It is the second release from the EP, with ‘Woman In A World’ being released in November 2022 as a plea to the world to rise up and fight for women’s rights and the safety of women across the globe.

With a strong feminist streak and huge passion about empowering women and gender minorities in the music industry, Lisa devotes a lot of her time towards closing the gender gap in the music industry, heading up the Dublin Chapter of shesaid.so and having worked closely with She Knows Tech over the years.

Lisa holds a Masters degree in Music Production, Technology and Innovation from the world-renowned Berklee College of Music as well as an undergraduate degree in Music and Irish from Trinity College Dublin. Alongside her musical work, Lisa works as an Audio Engineer at Sony Music Entertainment.

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