LG4 Trey Talks Toxic Relationships and Mental Anguish on Debut Album

May 10, 2021

Independently pioneering the genre of emo rap, Cork based artist LG4 Trey has quickly made a name for himself in his home town as well as in the UK and the US. Fusing Hip-Hop with Alternative Rock and collaborating with international talent such as SpaceMan Zack and CRIM, LG4 Trey is quickly becoming the face of emo rap in Ireland and soon, Europe. With the emergence of the emo-rap wave, LG4 Trey hopes to be at the forefront of it all with eccentric debut album ‘Social Poison’.

‘Social Poison’ is a seven track art piece centred around the concept of society poisoning his mind, the album is a deep dive into the complex mind of LG4 Trey. The first half of the album is about the dissection of self, LG4 Trey talks about battling mental anguish and himself, the latter half is about encounters and relationships with other people that have been far from perfect. Concluding on the final track which is a full circle and eureka moment for LG4 Trey.

In conversation with LG4 Trey he explained his creative process “The whole album was recorded in either my bedroom or my friend’s kitchen. I mixed and mastered every track myself with techniques I picked up from being around sound engineers at studios and from YouTube tutorials. All 5 of the producers featured on the project are people that I came across online. Prod. 2001 produced track no. 2 ‘black dress’ in collaboration with muptyXYZ. I have been working with prod. 2001 since my last project over a year ago. 3 of the producers are American, Prod 2001 is from Thailand and the last producer Flo-Motion is from The Netherlands.” The album was written and recorded during the period of coronavirus-enforced lockdown.

LG4 Trey’s love for music began at a young age learning to play traditional Irish instruments such as the Violin and the Bodhrán. It wasn’t until 2016 when the young artist first recorded an original track. After spending weeks freestyling with his friends, Trey was introduced to someone that had connections with a local youth centre. There was a small recording studio on the ground floor where he would go on to create his first song.

Throughout the last couple of years LG4 Trey has been defining his sound and gaining a cult following. After learning how to DIY engineer his own music. With inspiration taken from bands such as blink-182 & Sum 41 to emo rappers such as Lil Peep, LiL Lotus & LIL DUSTY G, he is quickly becoming the face of emo-rap in Ireland and soon, Europe.


Twitter https://twitter.com/Lg4Trey

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/lg4trey/



Youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNw2ibxm839pxaKBsZdIqmQ

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