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Lethal Dialect Releases New Album ‘Songs Of A Dead Dreamer’

November 19, 2021

Over the last 10 years, Hip Hop in Ireland has transcended through waves of subgenres, taking its journey from Trap to Drill. It is no longer a mystery why the Irish sound has exploded in popularity. Known as a pioneer in Irish hip-hop, Lethal Dialect was one of the first artists to combine an East Coast boom-bap sound with a North Dublin accent, inspiring a remarkable new language for Irish artists to follow suit. Falling under the boom-bap category, Lethal Dialect has championed the sound since his debut LD50 which saw him tackling the bravado, paranoia and instability of his experiences over a sonic amble that both grates and glitters.

Following five albums and the end of the LD50 trilogy, LD has had numerous breakthrough achievements including appearing on the hit television series Love/Hate and Netflix’s classic film Cardboard Gangsters. Songs of a Dead Dreamer, his sixth studio album, take us back to LD’s origins of honest, no nonsense hip-hop. Produced by GI / Bobby Tuna, the 10 track album features assists from Costello, Monk, Mouse, GI and 4Real. Describing what the feel of the album was Lethal Dialect stated “10 years ago I released my first album, LD50. It was just me and a few of my mates smoking joints and making the music we wanted to hear with no agenda. Then you get a couple of decent gigs and a few fans and youthful ego sets in and you chase that a bit and it ends up affecting the music. This was a return to the old way of doing things and to that pure unadulterated sound.”

Inspired by Nas, Tupac, DOOM and Wu-Tang, Paul Alwright has been active since 2006 pioneer for Irish Homegrown Hip Hop. With enough talent and charisma to silence any doubters, LD has become one of Ireland’s most exciting artists to watch. Touring and Collaborating with Damien Dempsey and Maverick Sabre, The Game, Action Bronson and heroes’ Wu-tang Clan. Staring in award-winning film Cardboard Gangsters as well as films written by Roddy Doyle and John Connors. Lethal Dialects artistry continues to grow day by day inspiring and empowering acts to own their sound and accent.

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