Laura Elizabeth Hughes Announces Release of her Brand-New Single

February 10, 2021

Dublin songwriter Laura Elizabeth Hughes announces the release of her brand-new single ‘Days’, due out Friday, 12th February. ‘Days’ is taken from Laura’s upcoming EP ‘We, Myself I’, due for release on 5th March.

Speaking about the record ‘Days’, Laura explains: “’Days’ was a step at confronting the nothingness routine that hit when I was out of work for 4 months. It’s repetitious, a choral of my own voice, my own thoughts, day in and day out. It’s the losing sense of time.

It’s that limbo between Christmas and before New Year’s but in the middle of May. It’s all work and no play freneticism.”

Laura is thrilled to release her upcoming EP ‘We, Myself, I’ on 5th March 2021.

“I rely heavily on other people to bring what I write to life in a bigger sense, and I haven’t had that luxury this past year.

We, Myself, I’ was a little challenge I set myself. To try and navigate the thought paths that solitude was thrusting me down and make something of them. I wanted to try and replicate the advice I was being given in trying to get through a multitude of feelings and anxieties, I was told to keep it simple. To keep life simple. To not get hung up on details and bells and whistles and just focus on breathing through another day.

The tracks are trying to navigate feelings of grief, of unjust theft of time and potential, of curiosity as to how other people were seemingly rowing through the sh!t that was 2020 with much more ease than I was. They’re rough around the edges, much like my mind, but they’re soft like I have tried to keep my heart. They’re cut from the same cloth, just like every day seemed to be, but each is coloured differently like I have tried to be mindful of and noticing.”

Laura’s last single, ‘Pandemonium‘, reached over 80,000 streams since its release in May, featuring on major playlists such as Spotify’s “New Music Friday UK” & “A Breath of Fresh Éire”, Amazon Music’s “Acoustic Chill” and Deezers “Chill Out” as well as airplay on RTE Radio 1 and BBC Radio Ulster. The build up to the release saw Hughes perform an intimate live show across her Instagram account as part of Culture Ireland’s #IrelandPerforms series.

Laura’s inimitable vocals combined with her arresting lyrical ability has seen her earn plaudits from both the media and her peers and establish herself as a rising talent among a fresh new group of emerging Irish songwriters.

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