Latest Single/Rallying Call from VerseChorusVerse Ahead of 4th Album

April 29, 2021

Tony Wright returns in his genre-hopping musical vehicle, VerseChorusVerse. This time with the industrial/grunge tinged banger of a single with an important message for the times, ‘Free to Decree‘, ahead of the release of his 4th solo Album, and fresh on the heels of their hugely popular last single, ‘Be Proud’, that was playlisted on BBC Radio Ulster, BBC Radio Foyle and Dublin City FM!

The song itself was first soft released last year (via Bandcamp only) as a charity single for The Rainbow Project, that serves the LGBTQ+ community, and wasn’t going to be the next single but, as Tony says, “unfortunately the message bears repeating.” Sonically, the song has hints of Nine Inch Nails and Nirvana being ushered onto the dance floor by Patti Smith and Bicep. A huge nod to the more electrified direction of his own roots and where he seems to be headed for his next release…

The release also serves to announce the name of his forthcoming 4th solo album. Whilst in no doubt that the world has faced a lot of (to name but a few) challenges in the shape of political idiocy, of far right hate groups vying for attention, the pandemic, mass disillusionment and huge need for reform in so many of our worlds; it is easy to be pessimistic. But for once, just for a change, in the face of all the pessimism, Wright challenges us to ask and to dream…

what if we won”?

If the songs, vision and optimism keep to this standard, we’ll believe the dream. We already do.

The album will be released on Bandcamp with a ltd edition Vinyl pressing on May 22nd, following on streaming services a few weeks later.

Written, performed, produced and mixed entirely by Tony whilst in total isolation during the 1st Lockdown whilst alone in Glasgow, this new album represents yet another shake up of musical stylings from the founding ASIWYFA member and songwriter.

After 6 previous albums, his first book, a theatre show, web series (“The Also-Rans”), Artist residency in Belfasts MAC, Wright has returned with this single, “Free to Decree”, and another collection of vital songs on his forthcoming album, forever reaching to find light in the darkness.

Just think for a second…”what if we won”…? It sounds and feels like we actually might.

Free to Decree is released to streaming services on 30th April 2021.

More Album news, ahead of its release on 22nd May 2021, to follow.

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