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Latest Single from Jenyis ‘Lost My Soul’

September 12, 2022

Jenyis recently released her single ‘Lost My Soul’.

Speaking about her musical journey so far, she says;

“This has been quite a journey for me so far: working with an incredibly talented producer, Coco from M5 Sound Studio, here in Cork. I have always wanted to release a single but just did not know where to start. It was my sister Safarii- –one of Cork‘s up and coming DJs- that told me “you’ve  got to go to Coco” and I’m  so glad I did!

“LOST MY SOUL” represents my struggle- or anyone’s -struggle of love, pain and finding ones true self again. Usually when I’m going through a tough time in my life I write lyrics as a form of therapy for me, that’s what LOST MY SOUL was for me- I worked through some complicated feelings while writing it, it was a cathartic experience almost.

Coco probably found me difficult to work with at the start as I was initially hesitant to show him my lyrics, it such a personal thing it’s hard to share it with someone you don’t really know. Coco really helped me turn this song into something I’m proud to show the world- I want people to hear my music and my words, and dance and sing along with them. It ended being such a fun time, working together on “LOST MY SOUL”. We were dancing in the studio and Coco said, “This is a Banger!”. I I’m still amazed sometimes how we were able to create a piece of music that I love so much- from lyrics that were originally inspired by mostly by painful emotions- it nice to look back and see how something so positive came out of it.

This song is about losing oneself to love- a toxic type of love, reflecting on what the most important people in my life would advise me to do, and then finally having the strength to overcome the pain and find myself again. It’s still a journey full of ups and downs, and it never really ends, but it’s a beautiful journey to recognising your true self.”

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