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Latest Single From Jake Carter ‘Who We Are’

May 6, 2022

Jake Carter is set to release his self-penned track “Who We Are”. The single is completely different to anything Jake has released previously, and is described as “a raw & emotional track, that speaks the truth about the current world we live in. The ‘real-talking’ pop track was produced by Wayne Farrel and mastered by Marcin Ciszczon. Full of meaningful lyrics, the track was written by Jake Carter and Irish songwriter Megan O’Neill over zoom during the pandemic.

Speaking on the song’s origins, Jake says:

“It was a song we wrote during lockdown through zoom, and then finished in studio. It started off as a bit of a rant about what was going on in the world and the situation we found ourselves in during the pandemic. We put all of our thoughts and feelings into this song, and although it slightly different to anything myself or Megan have done before, I am extremely proud of what we have achieved. We never intended for the Verses to be spoken (I won’t say rapped as I never see myself as a rapper), however we found we had so much to get off our chest’s, that the best way to put it into the song was to just speak the lines instead of give them a full vocal melody.”

Liverpool born but Ireland based since he was 18, Jake Carter, still only 23, has already made a name for himself in the world of creative arts through his victory on Dancing With The Stars as well as acting roles in a number of stage shows. While he enjoys the idea of continuing to bring that triple threat of acting, dancing and singing, music is Jake’s first love. The 23-year old is now seeking to firmly establish himself as a pop star in the mould of Olly Murs and Tom Greenan and to create music that reflects who he really is and not who people think he should be.

Jake Carter has plenty more songs in the pipeline and looks set to build upon the success he’s had so far and make a name for himself in the music industry. With over 500k total streams on Spotify as well as 500k+ views on his YouTube channel, combined with Live Musical appearances on Dancing With The Stars, The Ray D’Arcy Show and The Late Late Show, shows at Vicar Street and Cork Opera House as well as radio slots on Today FM, 2FM, Spin1038 and more, the future’s looking bright.

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