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Latest Single from Daniel Cohen ‘Will You Ride With Me Tonight’

June 23, 2022

Daniel Cohen is a talented new Irish pop artist. He started writing music in his teens, and was part of a semi successful Irish rock band WEB for many years.

They released an album and five singles, two of which reached the top forty and top thirty in the Irish Charts respectively. They also recorded an unreleased  second album but sadly never broke through.

After the demise of his band, Daniel worked tirelessly as an independent music producer for over a decade (USA, Sweden & Spain) helping other independent artists and bands achieve their dream of getting a recording contract. These acts included ‘The Kanyu Tree’ from Galway whose first two singles he produced with them. On the strength of this tracks they got a deal with Sony Music.

Although extremely private, in late 2021 Daniel recorded a Christmas song for his friends back home. For this endeavour he hooked up with ex band mate Seamus O’ Duigneain in Shanghai, and they did everything over WhatsApp in a few days. The song was very well received and gave him the confidence to try properly in 2022.

‘Will you ride with me tonight?’ is Daniel’s first single summer single. Written by Mr. Cohen  and Seamus Duignean in China again. The song was mixed by Daniel and Pascal Oorts from the famous Taplab studios in Antwerp, Belgium where much of the ‘New beats’ songs were recorded in the 1990’s.

Daniel’s music influences are firmly based in funk soul and Motown greats. Little Richard, Bruno Mars and George Michael would be among his favourite artists and The Spinners, The Isley Brothers and The Temptations would be among his favourite groups.

With a raw natural talent for melodies, lyrics, and a knowledge of how to produce great songs, with your help Daniel Cohen is an Irish artist that can go very far.

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