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Landers Announce Second Release

October 14, 2020

‘Just Thinking’ marks Landers second public release, out 6th November. 

After only a couple of rehearsals, Landers decided to record a live session in a large warehouse known as KAOS in the outskirts of Berlin with their friend Aidan Floatinghome (works with Perlee, Wallis Bird, Hundreds). 

Over a short period of 4 days, almost all tracks were recorded live in one room with a limited amount of recording equipment. The experience from the KAOS session helped them to understand new ways of expression, emphasizing the importance of a loose, free, and shared process. What came out of it was a vulnerable weaving of jazzy, ambient soundscapes with a strong folk backbone from many hours of improvised recordings. 

Instead of creating a full album/EP so immediately, the band felt that the session itself is something worth sharing first. It gives them time to not rush things creatively and to also have a chance to invite new listeners to sit beside them through the early development process, just like the way they usually share rough demos with close friends.

Their debut single release ‘Clear Blue Sky’ (released April 17th 2020) was welcomed with open arms by the press and public. The track was included in An Taobh Tuathail Vol. 9 playlist (the flagship alternative radio show on RTÉ Irish Radio) curated by the John Peel of Ireland, Cian Ó Cíobháin. Brian Coney from The Thin Air had this to say of Landers first single: ‘Landers are a new-fangled, Berlin-based experimental folk trio with an incredibly promising future ahead of them. Impressionistic and improvisational, ambience meets gossamer structure headon across 10 minutes.’ 

The second installment of the session that’s to be released is under the title ‘Just Thinking’. It features another two tracks from the KAOS session. Each track delves into the feelings one experiences when confronted with the reality of today. ‘Just Thinking’ and ‘Heart Is In The Land (Reprise)’: addiction and memories. 

The title track ‘Just Thinking’ introduces a new sound, playing as a counterpart to their first release, yet still manages to connect to the overall earthy sound of the session. The second track ‘Heart Is In The Land (Reprise)’ is an ambient soundscape, reminding us of the sound of their first release. Both tracks are completely live and look to transmit a raw and pure energy. 

Whilst mixing the tracks over the internet during the pandemic, the band’s perception of the tracks shifted and they decided to add a new element in the form of a saxophone to ‘Just Thinking’. Performed by Icelandic jazz musician Sölvi Kolbeinsson, it reinforces the raw experimentation of the band, while also expressing the uncomfortable feeling of the year 2020. 

Both their debut and their latest release are available on hand made limited edition tape cassette, designed and crafted by berlin-based artist Daniela Elorza.

Landers are an experimental folk band currently based in Berlin. Christopher Colm Morrin (who formerly released music under the moniker Robotnik in Ireland) met Paul Breiting and Max von der Goltz by chance in early 2019After they met each other by chance in 2019, the band quickly realized they shared a common drive to make music that felt honest and true to their hearts. Dazed and excited about creating something of their own, they started putting pieces of songs together from scraps of poetry and old lost demos.

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