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Kolumbus Releases Single In Aid of Inner City Helping Homeless

December 4, 2017

“Two people have died on the streets of Dublin in recent days, hopefully we can stop it from happening again.” 

Mark Caplice is a Wicklow based songwriter who goes under the stage name Kolumbus. Christmas 2015 saw a Kolumbus release hit no.1 on the national Google Play Charts ahead of Justin Beiber and Adele raising funds for Inner City Helping Homeless and The Lions club.

This year Mark is taking a slightly different approach to fundraising and asking people to put aside their Fivers for the month of December in aid of ICHH. “In the space of one month I was able to save over 300 euro by simply putting aside any five euro notes I came in contact with. This sparked the idea, Why not start a campaign and hopefully use the effective saving technique to help others.

The closing lyrics of the song reflect how simple it can be to help someone out, and how we all have the capacity to do so, “Somewhere, Know that there’s someone out there, Needing a helping hand just like the one you own.”


Inner City Helping Homeless are delighted to be involved in what can only be described as an unbelievable piece of song writing. The spirit of Christmas has been captured both through the lyrics and video. Mark Caplice & Conor O’Reilly have really portrayed the spirit of giving within the piece, for a voluntary organisation such as ourselves to have the opportunity to be involved in this is spectacular. All funds raised through the sale of this single will be donated to Inner City Helping Homeless so we are asking all our supporters to get behind the single, homelessness is a really hot topic this year particularly around the Christmas period. The single really allows us to highlight that and whilst doing so, help people in desperate need. Lets make magic happen this Christmas!!!

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