KK Lewis Shares ‘Good Enough’

February 25, 2021

KK Lewis is the new indie-soul artist you need to know. Originally rising to prominence busking in Dublin, the Irish singer dropped her debut release last year and quickly garnered attention as ‘One To Watch’ for 2021. KK has honed her craft of late, holding true to her folk background while embracing the influence of contemporary artists like Joy Crookes and Biig Piig. KK now returns with new single ‘Good Enough’, released on 25 February.

Her lyrics are wrapped in sultry, almost dreamy vocals, and offer a bitingly honest outlook on living in these unprecedented times. ‘Good Enough’ was written during lockdown when the artist’s world, “existed entirely through my phone and watching other people’s lives. I have always struggled with my body image growing up and comparing myself to others, however lockdown really skyrocketed these emotions.” This deeply personal introspection is immersed in laid-back guitar and hook-filled choruses, making for a perfectly balanced collage of indie-pop-soul tones.

‘Good Enough’ is taken from the forthcoming debut EP, which represents “a skeleton of KK Lewis” in her own words. Each track explores a different version of the artist, revealing a new story and a new sound. The collection of songs exhibits an overall multiplicity in KK’s character and a fluidity between her various personas. KK recorded the ‘Dreaming’ EP with fellow Dublin musician Papa Rua and it will be released with Anon Records in April. Discussing ‘Good Enough’ and her EP, KK Lewis said:

“This track was like a form of therapy for me, all of these bottled-up emotions spilling out at once and I knew I needed it to be on the EP. I allowed myself to be vulnerable in a way that I have never expressed before. Through the video and through the lyrics of this song I hope some people can resonate with my story and it helps them feel less alone.”

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