KK Lewis Releases New Single ‘First Bus Home’

April 15, 2021

KK Lewis is set to release dreamlike new single ‘First Bus Home’. Following her first offering of 2021 ‘Good Enough’, which is centered around negative body image and gender stereotypes, ‘First Bus Home’ is a reflection on teenage pursuits of love with all the subdued angst that entails. KK’s delicate vocals wrap around dreamy guitarwork and a minimalist beat, set against a carefully crafted, sparse production style. The result is a bedroom-pop triumph.

Influenced by the likes of Amy Winehouse, Arlo Parks and Celeste, the sincerity in KK’s deeply personal lyrics always remains at the forefront of her music. ‘First Bus Home’ is taken from the forthcoming EP where each track will explore a different version of the artist, revealing a new story and a new sound. KK’s music exhibits an overall multiplicity in the artist’s character and a fluidity between her various personas. Having already seen support from leading tastemakers such as Notion Magazine, this Dublin-hailing pop prodigy is certainly one-to-watch for 2021. Discussing the new single, KK explains:

“The song captures a memory in Dublin City in the early hours of the morning waiting for the buses to start running again after a night out. It depicts my later teenage years and explores how isolating love can feel and how quickly these emotions can overtake you and leave you feeling completely lost. Listening to this song now, is like reading an excerpt from my diary, I can visualise the memory in my head so clearly and even though it was such a confusing and lonely time in my life, I can look back now with some clarity.”

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