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KK Lewis Releases Brand New EP ‘Dreaming’

July 19, 2021

Dublin hailing songstress KK Lewis has unveiled her highly anticipated debut EP ‘Dreaming’. Straight-talking, soulful and relatable, KK Lewis’ world of indie-pop is expertly crafted and easy to get lost in. Each of the five tracks that comprise ‘Dreaming’ explore a different version of the artist, whilst delivering a beautiful fluidity between her various personas. Opening up to her listeners, KK Lewis’ intimate lyrics and warm distinctive tone mark the EP as a must-listen for 2021. The young artist’s cinematic video for ‘Petals’, directed by the talent herself and Louis Maxwell, sees KK Lewis’ personality really come to life. A series of stunning, stylistic shots underpin the visuals, as KK’s creativity delves into a haunting, dramatic realm that allows you to soak up her evocative and poetic intent.

Discussing her new project, KK Lewis revealed, “This EP represents a skeleton of KK Lewis. Each song explores a different version of me, revealing a new story and a new sound. It highlights the confusion and insecurity I felt during my teenage years, not feeling comfortable enough to be myself. This project follows a journey of self discovery and creates a foundation for my sound to grow from. I recorded this EP with Papa Rua in his house. We spent a long time listening to lots of different music, talking about what we wanted the record to sound like and the story I wanted to tell.”

Influenced by the likes of Amy Winehouse, Arlo Parks and Celeste, the sincerity of KK’s lyrics always remains at the forefront of her music. Originally rising to prominence busking in Dublin, the Irish singer dropped her debut release last year and quickly garnered attention as ‘One To Watch’ for 2021. KK has honed her craft of late, holding true to her folk background while embracing the influence of contemporary artists like Joy Crookes and Biig Piig. Having already seen support from leading tastemakers such as Notion Magazine, this rising star is already full speed ahead in making her mark on the industry.

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