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Kingfishr release new single ‘Anyway’ ahead of summer shows with George Ezra and Dermot Kennedy

April 28, 2023

Rising indie-folk band Kingfishr have today released their stunning new single ‘Anyway’, out on B-Unique Records. Listen here.

‘Anyway’ boasts a typically cinematic quality fast becoming synonymous with the trio’s grand sound. The track opens with a dramatic burst of synths and beautifully layered vocals, the resolute quality of which matches the determined beat and the sharp pluck of the banjo.

Speaking on the song, the band said “We enjoy exploring grand moments in a song, there’s nothing like when a song starts big. It takes you on a wild ride; your heart is pounding by the end of it.” A feeling that is encapsulated in ‘Anyway’, the anthemic nature of the latest release gets you right in the gut.

The new single follows previously released “Heart in the Water”, which has racked up tens of thousands of streams in the weeks since its release. The song is a paean to the fleeting nature of life, calling to that instinct in all of us to take a chance before it’s too late. “Am I enough?” Eddie asks. “Or am I petrified, still frozen to the stairs?/ I should have told you how I loved you/ I should have told you even though you didn’t care.”

Formed while members Eddie (vocals, guitar), McGoo (banjo), and Fitz (bass) were studying engineering at university in Limerick and taking their name from the bird that frequents the river Boro in Eddie’s home county of Wexford, Kingfishr had limited experience in music when they first got together, making their success to date all the more impressive. “I only started playing when I came to college,” Eddie recalls. “I made friends with a gang of 10 or 15 lads, and at a house party a guitar was produced and maybe 10 of them could play it. And I thought that was insane, so I picked it up off them.” His audience had, until that point, been restricted to anyone who caught him singing in the shower at home: “I knew I liked singing, but I was petrified,” he admits. “The first time the band did an open mic night, I was so nervous I couldn’t actually rest the guitar on my legs, they were shaking so much!”

Fans have found plenty of meaning in Eddie’s songwriting, which is laced through with metaphors and analogies inspired by myth and legend. “I can’t attach myself to much of modern pop music,” he says with a shrug. “It’s almost as if an alien came down and watched a load of movies, then went to write a song. That’s an imitation of the human experience, not the real thing.” Eddie writes from the soul, delving into darker, more abstract imagery even if the themes remain universal.

Both McGoo and Fitz got their start in traditional Irish music. “It was a big part of my family’s social life,” McGoo, who hails from Tipperary, explains. “And when I met the boys, I started bringing those references into our sound. There’s a storied history to spoken word in Ireland that defines us as a culture – something of that authentic Celtic vibe that I think people are still hungry for. In some way that’s what we’re trying to get at, while keeping it fresh at the same time.” It can’t hurt that the trio are currently living together in their home/studio, which is situated on a dairy farm in Limerick.

‘Anyway’ is Kingfishr’s fourth offering and comes ahead of an exciting summer of live shows. Support slots on George Ezra’s UK & Ireland tour & Dermot Kennedy Limerick shows at Thomond Park are already confirmed alongside a run of festival dates that include Neighbourhood, Sea Sessions, Lytham Festival, Latitude & The Indie-pendence. They have also appeared on BBC Introducing Belfast and are due to perform on Irish TV Series Other Voices. This feels like the start of a very exciting journey for a band gathering momentum like few others in recent memory.

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