KILNAMANA Share ‘Hola Amiga’

May 3, 2019

KILNAMANA proudly present their first track of 2019, and the first track in their farewell procession: ‘Hola Amiga’.

Taking inspiration for their name from the area of Tallaght, Dublin, where the two musicians realised they had a common connection, KILNAMANA are electronic duo Enda Gallery and Miguel Garcia Soler, currently working from Berlin. KILNAMANA was always based on creating naturally and not pretending, staying true to themselves.

The working title of the first album was as in the song ‘Not To Pretend’. At the end of a very expressive tour supporting Kid Simius across Germany, Austria, and Poland last December, the pair felt that it the time to begin the end of the project and did not want to continue on simply because things were going smoothly.

Gallery says: “It was always about feeling right for us, it always did, and now it doesn’t. Now it feels like time to say goodbye with 4 final songs, so that the positive feeling around it will be preserved for eternity, we’re going out with 4 bangers. ‘Hola Amiga’ is the first of these songs.

We want to thank all the people who gave us a shot, an opportunity, and gave us their time and their love, those who shed a light on us, wrote to us, booked us and came to our shows, and listened to our music. You are all the ones who keep art alive, giving resonance to messages you intuitively feel are honest and true. Thank you deeply and eternally for that.”  

KILNAMANA copy and paste as they see fit, be it from dreams, Aladdin, real life experiences or Twin Peaks. Cut and paste your ears onto this track, and your eyes onto this video.

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